Swimming Lessons

The Township of Russell offers a variety of swimming programs in July and August.

  • Regular programs

  • Semi-private lessons

  • Private lessons

  • Bronze Star

  • Bronze Medallion

  • Bronze Cross

The Swimming Lessons Schedule is available in the Summer Program Guide, Registration webpage.

What swimming lessons should my child take?

Refer to this conversion chart to determine how much swimming lessons you need according to the Lifesaving Society Program.

Swimming Lesson Registration

  • Register in-person

  • June 8, 2022 at 5:00 p.m. From 5:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. at Town Hall, 717 Notre Dame. Embrun.

Register Online

  • Register online with our booking system. Online registrations will be open from May 2 through June 3, and will reopen on June 15 to June 27,

  • Register by Phone

  • Beginning June 27, registrations can only be made by calling the pool directly.

Barracudas Swim Team

Barracuda Swim Team, a competitive swimming team, is fun and exciting. It strives to improve swimmers’ sportsmanship. They will improve their endurance, strength, and swimming ability. We hope that swimmers will enjoy friendly competition and camaraderie during swim meets.

What is my Child’s Barracuda Level?


Headstart is our beginner level swim team. This is a great way for children who love swimming to get together and learn more about swimming. Your little fish can learn the basics of each stroke by joining the swim team.

  • Freestyle

  • Backstroke

  • Breaststroke

  • Butterfly.

Headstart swimmers can also learn about relays and improve their endurance. Our swimmers can race in a friendly and fun environment during optional swim meets that are held throughout the summer.

Is my swimmer ready to go for Headstart?

  • The average age is 8 years and under. It is highly recommended to have a Red Cross Swimmer 3 or Lifesaving Swimmer 2. Our Headstarts must love water and be able to swim safely.

  • Put your face in the water and be comfortable.

  • Jump into deep water unassisted;

  • Glide forward and back, and float.

  • Unassisted, swim 15m in the pool

What is Junior?

Junior is our middle-level swim team. Swim team practices at this level are focused on stroke development, endurance and proper racing techniques for start-finish. All four strokes will be improved by swimmers. Relay races are a favorite among our swimmers, as they offer a great opportunity for team building and friendly competition. Swim meets are open to junior swimmers throughout the summer.

Is my swimmer ready to join the Junior Swim Team?

  • Age range 9-12 years. Incoming swimmers should be able to practice comfortably and challenge themselves.

  • Basic freestyle and backstroke are possible. Some knowledge of breaststroke would be an advantage.

  • Do a standing or kneeling dive

  • Aim to swim at least 8-12 laps continuously (200-300m).

What is Senior?

Senior is the most advanced level of our swim team. Our Senior swimmers are constantly improving their skills in all four races, starts, turns, and finishes. This team is focused on increasing swimmers’ endurance as well as overall fitness. Swimmers will be able to set their own goals with coaches throughout the summer.

Is my swimmer ready to join the Senior Swim Team?

  • The average age range for this team is between 12-15 years. This team is open to all swimmers who are able:

  • Do a standing five or racing dive.

  • You can swim freestyle, backstroke, and breaststroke. Some knowledge of butterfly is an asset.

  • You can swim for 45 minutes, with only one set of breaks.


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