Swimming Pool Water Features

swimming pool water features

Pool Fountains, Waterfalls and Other Cool Water Features for your In-Ground Swimming Pool

While an in-ground swimming pool is an amazing addition to any backyard, you can turn it into a truly eye-catching focal point with the addition of one or more pool water features.


Pool water features not only add visual attraction, but also movement, sound and a feeling of tranquility to your backyard oasis.


From a simple deck jet to a custom-built rock wall with a cascading waterfall, there are a multitude of options to suit every style – from linear and contemporary to the ambience of a rustic natural spa.


The look, sound and feel of water running through a water feature can bring a whole new level of enjoyment to time spent in your backyard pool. 


The Many Benefits of Pool Water Features:

Including pool water features into your in-ground pool and poolscape design can bring many benefits, such as:


  • An attractive focal point: Moving water, rock walls, decorative tile and sconces will add extra visual interest to your pool and create the feeling of a resort in your own backyard.
  • Sound: The gentle noise of a pool water feature creates a subtle barrier to external noise such as roads or air traffic, bringing tranquility into your garden. Natural sounds like running water have been proven to be stress-reducing too, which can aid relaxation and help the stressors of the day melt away.
  • Added enjoyment: Kids and adults alike can enjoy the fun of playing with and near a pool water feature. Whether it’s a sheet waterfall to hide behind or a bubbler tickling the toes of a tiny tot, moving water can make the pool experience even more interactive and fun.
  • Cleaner, cooler water: When water circulates through a pool water feature, it helps to keep chemicals well distributed, and prevent any build ups caused by stagnancy. Circulating water also helps to cool your main pool as it continually aerates.
  • Added value: An in-ground pool with added water features will increase the value of your home and make it more attractive to buyers. 

11 Types of Swimming Pool Water Features:

There are numerous options when it comes to choosing water features for your swimming pool. The type of water feature depends on your preferences, style, the best fit with your pool design, your budget, the materials you wish to use and the ambience you are hoping to create.


Your pool design and installation company will be able to offer suggestions as to what additions will work best in your landscape and within your budget. 


Here are 11 water features that you can add to your in-ground pool.


  1. Pool Fountain: Ornamental fountains can be located around the pool or even in the pool. Whether traditional or modern they add a visual focal point.

  2. Pool Deck Jets: Thin streams of water that rise out of the pool deck and arc directly into the pool. The height and distance of the arc can be varied and LED lights can be added for a stunning modern night-time effect.


  3. Pool Waterfall Feature: A popular feature for those hoping to achieve a natural or spa-like finish. Real or faux rocks are used to create the base for a trickling or cascading waterfall.


  4. Sheer Descent: Eye-catching and modern. A thin, smooth veil of water that arcs into the pool from a long narrow opening in the pool edge or in a poolside wall.


  5. Wall Water Feature / Water Wall: A modern version of the waterfall, here the water runs vertically either directly on the wall surface or with a slight gap, ending in the main pool or a collector.


  6. Water bowls A decorative bowl, usually perched on a wall or platform at the edge of the main pool. Water builds up and spills over the edge in a natural way.


  7. Rain Curtain / Cascade: A thin sheet of water that falls directly from an overhang, ledge or even a roof, directly into the pool like a curtain.


  8. Scupper / Spout: Water is channeled into the pool from a slot or spout located within a high pool wall or pedestal. Huge variety of options available with this feature.


  9. Sconce / Statuary: A decorative feature or statuette attached to a wall, or freestanding on the deck, from which water flows into the pool. 

  10. Bubblers / Gushers: Fun and visually exciting, bubblers are jets embedded directly into the pool floor, usually in a shallow area or graduated entrance. The water gushes up either to or past the surface where it creates a tumbling, bubbling cascade. Include colour changing LED lights for an amazing after-dark display.


  11. Spa Spillway / Spillover: A great option for pools with a built-in raised spa. Overflow water can escape directly over the side or via notched openings into the main pool below.

To see examples of some of these options, or to get some inspiration, check out these 50 spectacular pool water features.

Considerations When Choosing Water Features for your Pool

Before you go ahead and meet with your pool design and installation company, consider these points first:

  • Remember to choose the water features that will complement your home and pool architecture and materials.
  • Proportion and scale are important – don’t try to cram too much into a small poolscape.
  • Any existing landscape features to work with or around? Sloping gardens can be utilized for gorgeous natural waterfalls for example.
  • Water features do require ongoing maintenance – don’t take on more than you have time for.

Overall, you can’t go wrong if you choose to include water features in your pool design. They are a great way to add excitement, beauty and tranquility to your pool area.

Add Water Features to Your Backyard Poolscape with Ottawa Home and Garden

The best time to add water features to your pool is when it is being designed! Ottawa Home and Garden, your local Ottawa in-ground pool design and installation experts can help you with every step of the journey towards your dream backyard pool.

Based in Ottawa and serving the local region, our team will work with you to find the most suitable water features to enhance your enjoyment of your swimming pool.


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