Hunt Club Interlock 2015

We recently finished this landscaping project in the Hunt Club area of Ottawa. This project features a gorgeous mix of style and texture, adding character to the interlock design and creating a truly unique look.

After locating Hydro & Gas lines, we began excavating, only to find a terrible sub base at 20″ down. This is where the professionals separate themselves from the rest. A true pro provides a client with quality work they deserve.

Seeing shoddy workmanship makes our blood boil. Find out more about the Ottawa Home and Garden difference here.

Because of the poor workmanship under the driveway, our Hunt Club interlock project just got a bit more labour intensive.  Regardless, we created a completely new sub base for the laneway by back-filling, packing and setting the final grade. In addition to the laneway, a walkway, side walkway, garden walls and steps were installed. We even installed some lights within the steps themselves, to illuminate at night and prevent injuries.

Interlock Pavers

Permacon products used on this were the Amalfi, Vendome, Trafalgar pavers and Celtic wall.


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