Should You Install Retaining Walls?

Hills and slopes are a lovely feature in a backyard, but can be difficult to landscape around. Between rain runoff and erosion, maintaining an attractive garden or landscape with a hill is challenging at best. By adding a retaining wall to your yard, you can prevent many headaches! Of course, retaining walls are great for adding variation to flat areas as well.

Do you have a hill in your yard? Check out our retaining wall installation services!

Benefits of Retaining Walls

There are many benefits to installing a retaining wall in your yard aside from managing erosion and runoff issues.

  • Low Maintenance: Once built, retaining walls require little to no maintenance to upkeep. Stone walls will be structurally sound and able to withstand all weather for years to come.
  • They Add Value to Your Home:  You can add curb appeal by installing retaining walls thus turning a hilly landscape into a beautiful garden area. Whether or not you have a hill, they can be added to any area of your yard.
  • Terracing: For hilly areas, you can create a perfectly flat area for a great home garden or terrace by using a retaining wall. Terracing is great for flat areas, too. If your yard doesn’t have good natural drainage, an elevated garden with a retaining wall could be the perfect solution.

Learn More about Retaining Walls

In addition to being useful and functional, retaining walls are also extremely attractive. At Ottawa Home and Garden, our stone retaining walls are durable, flexible, and versatile and come in several different options.

Ottawa Home and Garden is a premium installer of retaining walls in the Ottawa area. Check out one of our completed projects, like the beautiful retaining wall we installed in Nepean.

If you’re in the Ottawa area, Contact Ottawa Home and Garden today for all your landscaping needs!


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